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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Birth Control Changed America for the Worst

Nearly all of these social and even medical consequences of the contraceptive revolution were foreseen with astonishing accuracy by Pope Paul VI in his anti–birth control encylical Humanae Vitae, issued in 1968,

Amanda, age 30 -- I've changed her name and those of other women I interviewed for this story in order to protect their privacy -- is a daughter of the sexual revolution. Her mother taught her that "sex was free, and successful motherhood could be accomplished through good intentions," she says. Sexual freedom and successful motherhood, Amanda learned, meant one thing: birth control. The message she received, she says, not only from her mother but from her teachers, her friends, and the entire culture around her was, "Sex means fun, and the consequences of sex have passed." (Full story at 

O Lord, Open Our Lips

It may seem strange to assert that Catholics have forgotten how to pray. Surely we still beseech the Lord in times of distress. We attend Mass, we say the rosary. More than that, simply because we are human, by the grace of God the Spirit works within us, with unutterable groans and longings. We pray sometimes without knowing we are praying, "O Lord, help me!"
And yet the same march of vandalism that has stripped our churches of their art, and our schools of their traditional symbols of devotion to God and country, has impoverished our language of prayer, too. We may call it the curse of the modernist box. We had to dwell in "machines for living," said the modernist architect Le Corbusier. So he built machines all right, but whether human beings could really dwell in his blank concrete boxes was another matter. They were, I should say, apartment buildings for creatures with no felt connection either to the natural world or to the heavens above, but rather for functionaries within, or serfs beneath, the all-competent State. 

Obama May Pick Extreme Pro-Abortion KS Gov. Sebelius for HHS: Reports

By Kathleen Gilbert WASHINGTON, D.C., February 9, 2009 ( - Obama may choose Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, friend of notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller and one of the most pro-abortion governors in America, to become Secretary of Health and Human Services, according to news reports citing a senior official in the Obama administration.... (Full story at

Bill Steigerwald: A Nation Immune to Global Warming Hysteri

Perhaps there is hope for America after all. Despite the incessant hysteria about how mankind's irresponsible use of fossil fuels has put our whole planet in imminent peril, few Americans seem to be sitting up late at night fretting over any global-warming apocalypse. ...

Pope backing prelature for Anglicans entering Catholic Church?

February 09, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI favors the creation of a personal prelature to accommodate the members of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) who wish to enter the Catholic Church, according to an English Catholic newspaper. The Catholic Herald quoted a "senior figure in the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Church of England" in saying that the Pope hopes to find a proper canonical solution to allow the prompt entry of the Anglican group. The Herald also quotes an unnamed Vatican official: "The Pope is really behind it. The Pontifical Council for Christian Unity is against it, but if the Holy Father wants this to happen, it will." The report runs directly counter to stories that circulated last week, in which Vatican officials said that plans for an Anglican prelature were not under consideration.

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Mother of USS Cole victim rips Obama

I post, you decide !!

'I voted for him, now I think I made the wrong decision'

Is Obama laying the groundwork for a withdrawal from Afghanistan?

More "exit strategies" from our retreater in chief.
Rick Moran
It's an issue not addressed directly in this article from the Times OnLine about questions surrounding an Afghan "surge" in troops. But Obama wondering about an "exit strategy" for those troops makes me think he is looking for an "out." (full story at American Thinker)

Biden's Munich Speech: Obama Administration Foreign Policy Projects Weakness and Confusion

Vice President Joe Biden's outline of the Obama Administration's foreign policy vision should be viewed as one of the weakest projections of U.S. leadership in recent memory.
In a major speech at the February 7 Munich Security Conference,[1] Vice President Joe Biden outlined the Obama Administration's foreign policy vision for the first time on the world stage. It was an address designed to reach out to leaders in both Europe and the Middle East, "on behalf of a new Administration determined to set a new tone in Washington, and in America's relations around the world."
Biden's speech should be viewed as one of the weakest projections of U.S. leadership on foreign soil in recent memory. The message was confused, apologetic, over-conciliatory, and remarkably lacking in substance and detail. It was the kind of speech, heavy in platitudes and diplo-speak, that could easily have been given by a continental European bureaucrat nestled in Brussels, Paris, or Berlin. It was not the voice of the most powerful nation on earth. (Full story at