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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Road to Obama's Socialism

Lauri Regan at American Thinker

This video clip, from Glenn Beck’s FoxNews show aired Wednesday, is a must see. Obama has put the fear of God in the 46% of Americans that knew better than to cast a vote for a Saul Alinsky/Frank Marshall Davis trained socialist. Here’s hoping that the rest of America will wake up to the inevitable results of the One’s plans for “change we can believe in” before it’s too late.

Watch “The Road to Socialism.” The smile on your face will disappear at the end of the clip when you realize this isn’t a Saturday Night Live skit about Obama’s plans. These are his plans.

Frank Marshall Davis and Obama:

Obama mentor identified as communistFrank Marshall Davis 'discussed American imperialism, colonialism, exploitation'

Barack Obama's friend Frank

Pro-Global Warming Study Receives Worldwide Headlines; Discovery of Error in Study Garners Op-Ed in One Paper

By Amy Ridenour (Bio|Archive)
February 6, 2009 - 12:47 ET

When University of Washington Professor Eric Steig announced in a news conference and paper published in the January 22 edition of the journal Nature that he and several colleagues removed one of many thorns in the sides of climate alarmists -- in this case, evidence that Antarctica is cooling -- he received extensive worldwide attention in the mainstream press.

But when a noteworthy error was found in Stieg's research less than two weeks after it's publication, of the mainstream press, only an opinion column in the London Telegraph and a blog associated with the Australian Herald Sun carried the news.

The Stieg paper's release was covered by 27 newspapers, including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle & Los Angeles Times, by CNN, by the Associated Press, by NPR and quite a few others (see reviews of the coverage at the end of this post).

After independent analyst Steve McIntyre discovered a major error in the data, and released his results on his influential blog Climate Audit beginning on February 1, based on a Nexis search I conducted today, none of these outlets chose to inform their readers. (Full story at NewsBusters)

Obama's New Definition of 'Bipartisan'

Lee Cary

In the President’s dictionary of political terms, “bipartisan” means this: If I, the President, listen to your ideas, then you must accept mine. It’s unilateral bipartisanism.

Barack Obama’s fundamental mindset of Orwellian doublethink continues to reveal itself as he, again, espouses two contradictory beliefs at the same time, seemingly accepting both.

Although Obama doublethink existed during the campaign, big media made no effort to examine or question it.

In his televised speech to Democrat members of the House last night, President Obama said:

“Look, I value the constructive criticism and healthy debate that is a foundation of American democracy. I don't think any of us have cornered the market on wisdom, or that good ideas are the province of any party. The American people know that our challenges are great. They're not expecting Democratic solutions or Republican solutions -- they want American solutions. And I have said that to those who have criticized the plan.

But what I have also said is -- don't come to table with the same tired arguments and worn ideas that helped create this crisis.” [Emphasis added.]

That’s doublethink: I value constructive criticism that represents the same tired Republican arguments. Say what?  (Full story at American Thinker)

Exorcist: Devil Influences Abortion Industry

Fr. Euteneuer is exactly right on this. When I discussed abortion with CCD class, I tried to approach the issue from a spiritual aspect. How the movement was born from lies and satan being the "father of lies".

By John P. Connolly, The Bulletin

Published: Tuesday, February 03, 2009

An exorcist authorized to perform exorcisms in several dioceses spoke at a religious ministry luncheon on Sunday, explaining the basics of exorcism and its connection with abortion.

Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life International and an exorcist, spoke at a luncheon hosted by In His Sign Network (IHS). He is an exorcist authorized to perform exorcisms in several states, and highlighted the connection between the abortion industry and demonic influence.

“Abortion is a demonic industry,” he told The Bulletin. “Abortion is blood sacrifice of innocent blood to the devil. The clinics are like temples, the doctors are like priests, the medical table is like their altar. It’s a ritualized sacrifice. They have a dogma called choice, a hierarchy called Planned Parenthood, and guardian angels in the form of police guards that will arrest you if you try to stop them.” (Full story at The Bulletin)

Gore to 12 year olds: 'you know things older people don't know'

Since the U.S. voters are waking up, AlGore, etc.. are indoctrinating our kids. Here is the story from Glenn Beck. It includes free audio. I was listening to his show when this call came in. If you are a parent, this should send chills down your spine.

GLENN: So how do they really do this? How did we even get here? How did we get to a point where socialism is okay? Where Marxism -- I had a guy sitting at my church. Now, my church isn't exactly like a lot of other churches. My church, as far as I understand it, has always been a faith that believes in the power of the individual. I came here and you came here for a reason and that is choice. We have choices to make and only by our choices can we define ourselves and our future eternally. When somebody else is making choices for you, well, that doesn't seem right. It seems to me a third of the angels were thrown out of the war in heaven, third of the angels lost it because somebody said, "I'm gonna make the choices for them and then they'll return to you, God, in all their glory. They'll just be able to give me the glory." Wasn't that the original fight? The original fight was -- and it was on the other side: "I'll take care of them. I'll make sure they all return safely." I'm sorry to get all biblical on you, but I happen to believe in it. And any time somebody is trying to tell me that they'll run my life, no thank you. For my own growth, for me to be the person I need to be, I need to make mistakes. (Full story at Glenn Beck)

Over Half the Nation Thinks Media Are Exaggerating Global Warming

For years NewsBusters has claimed media -- largely led by Nobel Laureate Al Gore for his own financial benefit -- are tremendously exaggerating man's impact on global warming as well as the dangers.

A new study by Rasmussen Reports found most Americans agree with this premise.

Color me unsurprised.

As Rasmussen reported Friday:

Fifty-four percent (54%) of U.S. voters say the news media make global warming appear worse than it really is. Only 21% say the media present an accurate picture, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

It's nice to see America is waking up concerning this issue. Will Congress?

The Gipper’s Wit

Posted on 02/06/09 10:22 AM by Alex Adrianson at (InsiderOnline)

The American people always have a way of figuring out the facts. And that reminds me of a story. At my age, everything reminds you of a story. This is a story that happens to be about one of our intelligence agencies in Washington. They had an agent, a spy, who was over in a little town in Ireland, and they had to make contact with him. And they called in another agent and told him he was to go there and contact this man. The man’s name would be Murphy. And he said, “Your recognition so that he’ll know who you are is that you say, ‘It’s a beautiful day today, but it’ll be a better one tomorrow.’” And then he was on his way. Well, he got to this little town, and he figured the best place to start his search was in the pub. So, he went into the pub and up to the bar and said to the bartender, “Where would I find a man named Murphy?”

And the bartender said, “If it’s Murphy the boot maker you want, he’s in the second floor of the building across the street. And if it’s Murphy the farmer you want, he’s a half a mile down the road – the farm on the left. And,” he said, “my name is Murphy.”

And the agent said, “Well, it’s a beautiful day today, but it’ll be better tomorrow.”

And the bartender said, “Oh, it’s Murphy the spy you want.”

President Ronald Reagan told that story in 1988 while campaigning for Republicans in California. Mr. Reagan was born 99 years ago today. Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

New York Times ridiculous editorial on the stimulus

Ed Lasky

The Times publishes a full-throated screed against Republicans who oppose the stimulus bill in its present form.

We’re happy to see President Obama getting tough with Congressional Republicans who are trying to sabotage the stimulus and recovery bill and bring even greater ruin on the economy.

How is that for an opening? Republicans are trying to bring even greater ruin on the economy by sabotaging the stimulus and recovery bill.

We are led to believe that the Times editorial page is promoting the propaganda that the Republicans ruined the economy to begin with and are now trying to deepen our misery. (Full story at American Thinker) )

Pelosi's Children

By David N. Bass on 2.6.09 @ 6:07AM

"Let's hear it for the children. We're here for the children," said Nancy Pelosi moments after becoming America's first female Speaker of the House.

The date was January 4, 2007. Two months earlier, the Democrats had swept the mid-term elections and ended the Republicans' 12-year control of Congress. It was a momentous occasion for Democrats, sweetened by Pelosi's ascendancy to the top congressional job. She had "broken the marble ceiling," to quote her own words. She was the uber-feminist, free from the constraints of motherhood and the female proclivity for nurturing children.

Or was she? Much to the amusement of conservative pundits, Pelosi addressed the House for the first time as Speaker surrounded by children. As the votes were tabulated, she held an infant in her arms. She looked the picture image of the affectionate grandmother. She ended her speech with these (somewhat) immortal words: "For these children, our children, and for all of America's children, the House will come to order."

My, how time has tempered those words. Recently, Pelosi faced widespread criticism for saying that boosted federal funding for family planning services (i.e., contraception and abortion) would stimulate the economy. Her subtext was that children imperil our prosperity. Rather than see kids as an investment in the future, Pelosi suggested they are a net economic drain. (Full Story at American Spectator)

Abortionist loses medical license

Breathing baby tossed in garbage after woman gave birth.

Florida officials today revoked the medical license of an abortionist who is named in a civil lawsuit that alleges a  breathing baby was stuffed into a biohazard bag along with chemicals and tossed into a garbage bin.
The state Board of Medicine
voted unanimously to pull the license of Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique, reported the Tampa Tribune, which noted the abortionist ducked into a restroom after the hearing to avoid television cameras.
WND reported previously on the 2006 case in Hialeah, Fla., which was sparked by an anonymous tipster who notified police of the death. The tipster later called back to prompt a police search that led to the discovery of the baby's body in the biohazard bag in a cardboard box in a closet at the abortion business
The civil case explains 18-year-old Cycloria Williams learned she was pregnant in July 2006 and decided to have an abortion. She went to the Miramar Woman Center and was referred to abortionist Renelique.

(Full story at

Lawsuit Filed for Baby Born Alive at Abortion Clinic then Killed and Hidden from Police

MIAMI, Fla., January 30, 2009 ( - On Tuesday, January 27, 2009, suit was filed by the Thomas More Society in Miami on behalf of Shanice Denise Osbourne, an infant girl who was allegedly murdered in July, 2006.

The case claims that Shanice was born alive and then murdered by abortion clinic owner, Belkis Gonzalez. Thirteen defendants (including Gonzalez, abortionist Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique and their conglomerate of four South Florida abortion clinics) have been sued for unlicensed and unauthorized medical practice, botched abortions, evasive tactics, false medical records and the killing, hiding and disposing of the baby.

Shanice’s mother, Sycloria Williams, learned she was pregnant early in July of 2006 when she went to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain and bleeding. She decided to abort the baby, and visited the Miramar Woman Center in Miramar, Fla., where she was referred to abortionist Dr. Pierre Jean-Jacque Renelique.  Dr. Renelique inserted laminaria sticks to dilate the cervix and prescribed additional medication to be taken that night in preparation for the procedure the next morning at a Hialeah clinic.  (Full story at

Remember when the United States had a REAL President?

Today is Ronald Reagan's birthday.

What's that Mr. President? You want us to go out there in 2012 and "win just one more for the Gipper?"

You betcha!

Hannity: ‘We're going down to the last breath'

from Politico Top Stories by (Michael Calderone)

Sean Hannity was all fired up yesterday, following Sen. Stabenow's comments on holding hearings for radio accountability. I don't think there's any issue that gets the conservative talk radio crowd as agitated as talking about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine — legislation that balanced conflicting views on the air, overturned in 1987.

I missed Hannity's show but have been told by some who listened that he spoke at length on the topic and even plastered Stabenow’s face and phone number on his site urging listeners: Call now. For those who aren't regular Hannity listeners, here's a taste of what roughly 13 million people heard. These are two separate clips on the topic.

"This is not about accountability on the airwaves, ladies and gentleman. This is about the abuse of power by a bunch of power-hungry, money grabbing, regulating informing politicians like her."

“But if you think you’re going to grab this microphone, away from me and the American people, you better be prepared because we’re going down to the last breath. And you’re going to have to come in my radio studio and rip this microphone out of my mouth before I’m leaving. How do you like that, senator? I’d like to see you come by here on this program and take the microphone.”
And remember, this is the reaction to just bringing up the idea of hearings, not actually holding hearings.