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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Illinois "FOCA" Moves to House Floor - Would Eliminate All Abortion Restrictions in State

By Kathleen Gilbert SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, March 12, 2009 ( - An Illinois bill enshrining abortion as a "right" and introducing explicit sex education was approved by the Illinois House Human Services Committee yesterday in a 5-2 vote. HB 2354, proposed by state House...  (Full story at

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele Under Fire for Abortion Comments

Washington, DC ( -- New national Republican Party chairman Michael Steele has gotten himself in hot water with pro-life advocates for softening his pro-life views and then issuing a statement saying he hasn't backed down on abortion. The misstep is the latest Steele gaffe that has some calling for his resignation. (Full story at

Pope personally explains decision to extend olive branch to SSPX bishops

.- A letter from Pope Benedict XVI to the bishops of the world, in which he explains the reasons he chose to lift the excommunications of the four bishops illicitly ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, including Bishop Richard Williamson, was officially made public this afternoon in Rome.

Addressing his brother bishops, Pope Benedict’s letter reads remarkably like a personal letter about an issue over which he has suffered greatly. He notes that some prelates and faithful reacted to the lifting of the bishops’ excommunication with an understanding of his desire as the Successor of Peter to achieve unity, but others "accused the Pope of wanting to turn back the clock to before the Council," and protested in a way that wounded the Church even more deeply.

"I therefore feel obliged to offer you, dear brothers, a word of clarification, which ought to help you understand the concerns which led me and the competent offices of the Holy See to take this step. In this way I hope to contribute to peace in the Church," the Pope says. (Full story at CNA)

Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell O.K. Can Kill

By Michael Reagan March 11, 2009

What President Obama did when he reversed President Bush’s executive order banning embryonic stem cell research was based not on solid science, but his desire to cater to the anti-life, pro-abortion forces and their media allies who helped elect him.
In doing this, he created the potential for an outbreak of potentially fatal cancerous tumors caused by the therapeutic use of embryonic stem cells.   
Moreover, he killed another Bush presidential order that funded some of the most promising research on the creation of embryonic-like stem cells from harmless but potent adult stem cells.
What President Obama did when he rescinded President Bush's federal ban on certain lines of embryonic stem cell research ultimately could cost American lives.
Obama and his subservient mainstream media allies ignored science in favor of politics, and the results will prove to be disastrous.