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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rebel priest in Brisbane might accept mediation on removal

From Catholic Culture)

The Archdiocese of Brisbane, Australia, has announced that Father Peter Kennedy has agreed to accept mediation of his dispute with Archbishop John Bathersby, who relieved him of his duty as a pastor of St. Mary's parish in South Brisbane. But a later report from that parish suggests that the pastor's acceptance of mediation may itself be the subject of some dispute.

As the crisis in the wayward parish continues, one newspaper columnist described a typical Sunday service at St. Mary's as "more like a yoga session." Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, Miranda Devine said: "While you can feel pity for Bathersby, the mess is his own making. Having tolerated Kennedy's antics for years, and having presided over the transformation of Brisbane into the most progressive and least disciplined archdiocese in the country, he can hardly be surprised by the result."

In a truly bizarre illustration of how far the South Brisbane parish has strayed from normal Catholic life, the leader of a native aborigine group has insisted that Archbishop Bathersby must recognize a "treaty" that Father Kennedy accepted on behalf of his parish.

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Bishop Martino continues to stand up for Catholic teaching on life

His Excellency needs our prayers and support.

Ex-senator Santorum defends Bishop Martino's public stand

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Obama nominate Sebelius as HHS

Opinion: President Obama Insults Catholics, Nominates Gov. Sebelius to HHS (Catholic Online)

Obama taps pro-abortion Catholic for key Cabinet post (Catholic Culture,org)

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Obama's nominee for Office of Legal Counsel: pregnancy is slavery

The Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) assists the Attorney General of the United States in his role as legal adviser to the President and all the executive branch agencies. It is sometimes called "the President's law firm." President Obama's nominee for head of OLC is Dawn Johnsen, who served as Acting Assistant Attorney General heading the OLC during the Clinton administration and was, from 1988-1993, the Legal Director of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (now NARAL Pro-Choice America).

Needless to say, Johnsen is an ardent supporter of what she calls "reproductive liberty," which is, I'm sure, very similar to what then-Sen. Obama called "reproductive justice," that is, a woman's right to choose abortion. To get a sense of her ardor for abortion, read this January 25, 2006, piece for Slate, in which she laments the closing of abortion mills and restrictions on abortions made by many states:

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Catholic Church reports growth in seminarians and members

.- This past Saturday the 2009 edition of the “Annuario Pontifico,” or pontifical yearbook, was presented to the Holy Father.  The yearbook confirms an increase in both the number of Catholics around the world and in the number of priests and seminarians in Africa and Asia.

The “Annuario Pontifico” was presented to Pope Benedict by Cardinal Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone S.D.B. and Archbishop Fernando Filoni, substitute for General Affairs.  The book documents the trends of the Catholic Church around the world in recent years.  
For instance, the book notes that in the past year, the Pope erected one archdiocese and 11 new dioceses. He also appointed 169 new bishops.

The book also notes growth in the Church as a whole.  The number of Catholics in the world increased from around 1.131 million in 2006 to nearly 1.147 million in 2007. The number of bishops also grew from 4,898 in 2006 to 4,946 in 2007.

Additionally, the number of priests increased over the last eight years, from 405,178 in 2000 to 408,024 in 2007, although the density of their distribution differs from continent to continent. While number of priestly vocations is growing in Africa and Asia (by 27.6 percent and 21.2 percent respectively), in America they remain more or less stationary. Europe and Oceania saw a decline in their priestly ranks (6.8 percent and 5.5 percent respectively), the yearbook says.

Another fact the yearbook documents is the increase in the number seminarians, from 115,480 in 2006 to 115,919 in 2007. Here too the different continents show differing trends, with notable increases in Africa and Asia while Europe and America show a drop of 2.1 percent and 1 percent respectively.

Obama will attempt to remove 'conscience clause' for health-care personnel

President Barack Obama has directed the Department of Health and Human Services to rescind the "conscience clause" that protects health-care personnel from pressure to participate in procedures they regard as immoral, such as abortion. The "conscience clause" was established by outgoing President George W. Bush in an executive order he released in December 2008. President Obama-- who has already issued an executive order to end the "Mexico City policy" barring taxpayer subsidies for abortion advocacy-- could end this policy as well.

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