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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama will attempt to remove 'conscience clause' for health-care personnel

President Barack Obama has directed the Department of Health and Human Services to rescind the "conscience clause" that protects health-care personnel from pressure to participate in procedures they regard as immoral, such as abortion. The "conscience clause" was established by outgoing President George W. Bush in an executive order he released in December 2008. President Obama-- who has already issued an executive order to end the "Mexico City policy" barring taxpayer subsidies for abortion advocacy-- could end this policy as well.

Obama may throw over 'conscience rule' (American Thinker)

Obama to Revoke Bush Abortion Rule Protecting Conscience Rights (

U.S. Senator Says He Would Practice Civil Disobedience If Obama Repeals Abortion 'Conscience Clause' (

Pro-Life Leaders Respond to Obama's Plan to Revoke Conscience Regulations (



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