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Friday, February 6, 2009

Hannity: ‘We're going down to the last breath'

from Politico Top Stories by (Michael Calderone)

Sean Hannity was all fired up yesterday, following Sen. Stabenow's comments on holding hearings for radio accountability. I don't think there's any issue that gets the conservative talk radio crowd as agitated as talking about reinstating the Fairness Doctrine — legislation that balanced conflicting views on the air, overturned in 1987.

I missed Hannity's show but have been told by some who listened that he spoke at length on the topic and even plastered Stabenow’s face and phone number on his site urging listeners: Call now. For those who aren't regular Hannity listeners, here's a taste of what roughly 13 million people heard. These are two separate clips on the topic.

"This is not about accountability on the airwaves, ladies and gentleman. This is about the abuse of power by a bunch of power-hungry, money grabbing, regulating informing politicians like her."

“But if you think you’re going to grab this microphone, away from me and the American people, you better be prepared because we’re going down to the last breath. And you’re going to have to come in my radio studio and rip this microphone out of my mouth before I’m leaving. How do you like that, senator? I’d like to see you come by here on this program and take the microphone.”
And remember, this is the reaction to just bringing up the idea of hearings, not actually holding hearings.

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