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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Coming Anti-Life Onslaught: Obama's Abortion Agenda at Home and Abroad

Exclusive Commentary by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer

Human Life International

January 15, 2009 ( - President-elect Barack Obama’s Web site,, contains a link titled, “Open Government: Your Seat at the Table.” Follow this link and you will find hundreds of papers submitted to the Obama-Biden Transition Project by various interest groups.

One other such paper, entitled, “Advancing Reproductive Rights and Health in a New Administration: The First 100 Days,” is endorsed by over 50 pro-choice organizations ranging from the ACLU to one called Women Thrive Worldwide. Most of the demands contained in the paper are disturbing though not surprising: a massive increase in funding to Title X (which funds Planned Parenthood), an end to abstinence-only education, assuring that anyone, anywhere can have an abortion at taxpayers’ expense, passing the ironically-named Freedom of Choice Act, and making sure that only pro-choice ideologues are appointed to the federal judiciary, and so on. (continued...)

The international ambitions of this anti-life coalition, however, are the most fearsome aspect of their agenda and US taxpayer funding is the new plum to be plucked. In post-Roe America, it is hard to find ways to make abortion more ubiquitous than it already is, but significant sectors of the developing world still maintain firm prohibitions against the destruction of innocent life, and these groups want to change all that. What they are advocating may be “change that America can live with,” but it certainly isn’t change that the developing world can live with.

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