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Saturday, January 31, 2009

'Conciliatory' Obama speaks to Al-Arabiya

Watching or listening to an American President humble himself meekly in front of Islamic terrorists is a new low. Weakness is not look upon favorably in the Muslim world, only strength, determination and sense of purpose is. Obama is proving that America is going to be weak in the face of Islamic terrorism.

Rick Moran
January 27, 2009

Will Obama be any more successful than George Bush in reaching out to Muslims? Bush confidante and friend Karen Hughes ran a high profile effort out of the State Department that was supposed to counter the propaganda coming from the Arab press about the United States while extending a hand to the worldwide Muslim community in friendship.

For a variety of reasons -- not all of them Bush's or Hughes' fault -- the effort fell flat on its face. Hughes not only had to counter propaganda from Muslim countries but also the hysterical and oftentimes false reporting from the western press on Bush and US intentions toward Muslim countries. In addition, the idea that Bush was supposed to "apologize" for liberating 25 million Muslims from tyranny was just never going to happen, no matter how much al-Jazeera and other Arab media demanded it.

In short, it was an effort doomed to fail from the outset.

Now here's Barack Obama, World Superstar, beloved of billions, inviting the less hysterical than al-Jazeera (but still dishonest) al-Arabiya TV into the White House for a chat. And the interview goes about as well as you'd expect -- for Muslims. For US interests? Not so much: (Full story at American Thinker)

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