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Friday, January 9, 2009

'President' Obama gets an early start

So it's come to this..even though he is not President yet (read, he is still President-elect) the MSM cannot wait to call him president. They don't even care that the "memorable" lines came from other presidents. The guy wouldn't know an original idea if it warned him ahead of time. What do you think would be the MSM response if President Bush would have a few lines in a speech that sounded vaguely familiar as coming from previous presidents?

It won’t be official until Jan. 20, but it’s looking like a new president is in charge.

Barack Obama teetered to the other side of that “one president at a time” fence he’s been straddling for the past nine weeks. The president-elect appeared his most presidential yet on Thursday as he delivered his sobering economic speech in Virginia.... (continue reading)

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