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Monday, February 9, 2009

Catholic family asking for miracle through intercession of JP II

Omaha, Nebraska, Feb 8, 2009 / 01:53 pm (CNA).- Tracy and Tami Hauser are praying for a miracle and asking others to do the same. On Oct. 8, their seventh child, John Paul, was born with a rare chromosomal disorder called Trisomy 13, which doctors consider incompatible with life. Despite the bleak diagnosis, the Hausers are praying for their son's healing through the intercession of the late Pope John Paul II, their son's namesake.

The Omaha couple wants to spread a devotion to the late Pope's beatification and canonization prayer in hopes that he will intercede for them and grant them one of the three miracles needed for his canonization.

"Every day is a miracle and even if John Paul should end up dying and going to heaven, it's still a great thing for this devotion for Pope John Paul to be spread," Tami Hauser said. "I am confident and believe that he loves this baby and will intercede for us. I have just felt compelled to spread this devotion to him."

(Full story at CNA)

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