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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Electrician Quits Repairs on Nebraska Abortion Facility in Response To Calls

Consider this man's response to Catholic teaching and compare to madam speaker's......


BELLEVUE, NE, February 17, 2009 ( - An electrician made the decision yesterday to cancel his contract for work on a fire-damaged abortion centre after pro-life advocates called and explained to the vendor that his work was enabling abortions.

At first, the electrician told callers that he was not working in the abortion facility, but was working only in the basement. However, once he learned that the basement was part of the abortion centre where records and supplies were kept, he halted work.

"He said he considered himself a good Catholic and didn't want to be an accessory to an abortion clinic," said Larry Donlan of Rescue the Heartland, and Truth Truck driver for Operation Rescue.

The facility, which was damanged in a fire last month, is one that belongs to the infamous partial-birth abortionist LeRoy Carhart.

"This just shows the effectiveness of Abortion Collaborator campaign," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who first coined the term "abortion collaborator" and pioneered the project. "Once people understand that their work is helping the abortion industry, they often want nothing more to do with it."

Abortion collaborator campaigns help vendors recognize that providing services for abortion facilities contributes to abortions and makes them culpable for the continued shedding of innocent blood.

"It's a legal principle as well as a bibilical one. Those who aid and abet share in the guilt," said Newman.

"We congratulate Rescue the Heartland and appreciate the willingness of this electrician to do the right thing and stop work on the abortion mill. We pray that Carhart's clinic will never reopen."

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