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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pro-Abortion Republican Groups Announce New Partnership to Weaken GOP

Excuse me if I don't wish them success.

Washington, DC ( -- Two pro-abortion Republican groups have announced a newly-formed partnership designed to weaken the long-standing pro-life platform the GOP maintains. The Republican Majority for Choice and the WISH List (Women in the Senate and House) hope to team up to drag the party to the left.
Colleen Parro, the head of the Republican National Coalition for Life tells about the new effort.
"Feeling scorned after eighteen years of trying and failing to remove the pro-life language from the Republican national platform, and with the last three Republican presidential administrations [taking a pro-life stance], pro-choice Republican women are trying to make a come-back," Parro said.

The two pro-abortion groups say they plan to “continue the battle for personal freedoms and choice in the GOP.”



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