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Friday, February 13, 2009

Pro-life Workers Arrested in Birmingham, A Sad Day for Human Rights

Catholic Online (
Nine college-age men and women, members of the Survivors Campus Life Tour, were arrested at Parker High School in Birmingham, Alabama, while distributing literature to students from a public sidewalk.
WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) – On Friday morning at 7:00am, Kortney Blythe was released after spending fourteen hours in jail for distributing pro-life literature on a public sidewalk in Birmingham, Alabama. She and three other female members of the Survivors Campus Life Tour were the first to be freed. One more young woman and four young men are yet to be released.

Two attorneys for the nine college-age members worked from late Thursday afternoon straight through until Friday morning to untangle the confused reports of police activity and arrests.

Catholic Online was able to interview Kortney Blythe, director of Campus Life Tours, just as she was released from jail. The interview will be posted later today along with reports from a press conference that will be held at noon in downtown Birmingham.  (Full story at Catholic Online)

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