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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bristol Palin's crime

On Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin Tundra asks What would we have her do? Excellent question.

Something the msm hasn't owned up to is this: for them, Bristol's pregnancy has nothing to do with the morality of teen sex. It has everything to do with contraception, abortion, and personal responsibility. If Bristol and her boyfriend were sexually active but there was no baby to prove it, liberals would have no problem with them. Liberals aren't opposed to sex in any form or situation; they're just opposed to seeing spiritual meaning in sex and accepting children as its natural result. They have targeted Bristol Palin for the same reason that they've targeted her mother: through her actions, she's a witness to the sanctity of life. Giving birth to her baby is a silent rebuke to feminists and a powerful testament to the pro-life cause...

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