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Monday, January 5, 2009

Meet the Farahness Doctrine

Meet the Farahness Doctrine
Exclusive: Joseph Farah crafts list of actions to turn America around
Posted: January 02, 2009 1:00 am Eastern 

By Joseph Farah

You've all heard of the "Fairness Doctrine."
Today I would like to introduce you to the "Farahness Doctrine."

Here's the way it works:

Instead of limiting the choices American citizens have for
gathering information, I propose we expand them. Government
has no constitutional authority regulating speech or the
press. I say lift the existing obstacles – like the
McCain-Feingold law that tramples political speech – and
expose attempts to kill the First Amendment altogether by
reinstituting the euphemistically named "Fairness

Instead of new restrictions on our Second
Amendment-guaranteed right to defend ourselves with
firearms, the Farahness Doctrine proposes scrapping the
existing limits on our freedom to bear arms. They're not
biblical and they're not constitutional. What else do we
need to know? Oh yeah. Every dictatorship in the 20th
century maintained control over the population by first
forcibly disarming them. Let us never make the same mistake.
And the facts are in on the big gun-control experiment in
this country. Fewer guns equal more crime. More guns equal
less crime.

Instead of bailing out failing multinational corporations,
why don't we instead provide tax incentives for
production of goods and service right here in the USA? Like
I proposed a couple weeks ago, why not offer, say, a $5,000
income tax credit to Americans who buy cars from U.S.
automakers instead of forking over billions directly to them
-just to keep them hanging on and giving government more
authority to regulate how they do business?
If you like the Farahness Doctrine, you should know
there's a lot more to it. No, there is no political
party yet adopting this agenda.

Instead of handing over bailout money to failing banks and
investment firms and mortgage lenders, why not put the money
back in the hands of consumers through massive tax cuts?
Isn't that a better way to stimulate the economy?
Isn't that the best "stimulus package" money
can buy? I thought the party in power in Washington believe
in trickle-up economics? Doesn't trickle-up economics
mean allowing ordinary working people to keep more of their
own hard-earned money? It seems to me what we are doing with
bailouts is a perfect example of the trickle-down economics
they claim to detest.

Instead of turning our kids over to government schools
where they can't pray, can't study the Bible and are
indoctrinated into the religion (yes, the religion) of
secular humanism and the perversion that comes with it, I
say we all look for alternatives – beginning today, right
now. The Farahness Doctrine holds that parents are usually
the best teachers and homeschooling the best option. But,
for heaven's sake, stop complaining about what the
government school monopoly is doing to our kids and pull
them out of those institutions. What is more important than
the future of your children?

Instead of giving away even more money to foreign
countries, most of which use it to pad the pockets of
corrupt and unaccountable government officials, I say stop
all transfers of taxpayer wealth abroad – today!

Instead of putting your faith in government to take care of
you, I say put your faith in God and work hard. Be an
example of self-governance. Take charge of your own family.
Be a leader in your community. Meet the needs of the widows
and orphans through your churches and synagogues. Get
involved in feeding the hungry and clothing the naked
yourself, as we are commanded to do in the Bible, and stop
believing this is the proper role of government.

Do you like the Farahness Doctrine, so far?
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