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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama to Work to Repeal Federal Defense of Marriage Act, Promote Homosexual Adoption

Obama's extreme-left social agenda outlined on updated White House website

January 21, 2009 ( – Since the election of Barack Obama to the presidency many have suggested that most voters were not aware of, or did not take into consideration or did not vote for Obama on account of his policies on social issues. Instead it was widely suggested that the economy was the deciding factor in the election.

Many otherwise conservative American voters have also suggested that Obama’s goal of finding “common ground” and “reaching across the aisle” would ensure that he would not be as anti-family or anti-life as many pro-life and pro-family activists were saying he would be.

Now that Obama is elected, however, it has been made abundantly clear that he intends on pursuing a radical social agenda the likes of which the United States has never before seen. Full story at LifeSiteNews

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