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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pelosi Is Not the Only One

By Judie Brown

When your head is swimming from all the commentary ebbing and flowing from Wednesday's Nancy Pelosi encounter with the Holy Father, the essence of what actually occurred is lost. The fundamental question of our day, what is truth, evaporates in headlines and public pronouncements. One is left asking, is that all there is?

Was this just another media circus? Are the acrobats still swinging?

Why didn't the Pope just excommunicate Pelosi, one person asked me! Well, maybe he did, though she clearly has done a pretty good job of excommunicating herself. At least that is my opinion. The fact is nobody knows precisely what was said in that private meeting, and the only person who will not "spin" to his advantage is the person who doesn't need to … Pope Benedict XVI. (Full story at

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