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Monday, February 16, 2009

Senator Stabenow Exudes Hypocrisy Of 'Fairness Doctrine'

By Christopher G. Adamo
February 12, 2009

Throughout history, every successful despotic regime has understood the critical importance of establishing and maintaining a monopoly of information. A governing body that intends to rule with absolute authority and impunity simply cannot afford to have its inevitable mistakes and failures highlighted in front of the general public, whose unquestioning loyalty and devotion it needs in order to survive.

It is becoming grimly obvious that the Obama Administration and Democrat dominated Congress, being of the same mindset, are determined to establish just such a control of the airwaves. This goal is a cornerstone of their effort to stifle all critical analyses of the platitudes and excuses they offer as justification for their relentless assault on the foundation of these once-great United States of America. (Full story at

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